"Ziva really knows how to captivate an audience with her soulful approach at epic rock music. She delivers a powerful performance and leaves the audience awe-struck." 
-- Robin Applewood,
Bay Vibes

"Ziva's enthralling voice soars through a room, captivating her audience with a pop-rock sensibility and soulful depth."
-- Bernadette Bohan, The Box Factory

"Ziva is incredibly powerful to observe. She provokes her piano and propels her songs with admirable composure and intention. Her voice is dimensional and sure from its deepest brooding lows to fierce highs. The band behind her serves as an army of confidence and cause her progressions to explode."
-- Ash Scheiding,
Ash Thursday

"...The depth of her voice is astounding and the diversity of the musical arrangements is sure to please. Her songs provide perfect anthems for the next generation, reminiscent of Alanis Morisette in content and Norah Jones in style. She may soon prove to be a balladeer of our generation." 
-- Leron Kornreich, Timeless Legacy Video

"What separates Ziva from the average piano balladeer is that surprisingly commanding voice. Anyone within earshot has no choice but to shut up, put the drink down, and listen." 
-- Tyler Callister

"Thank you for your amazing music. You entirely blew me away. Your style of shaking it down is more of what we need in this world!"
-- Ginger Murray,
Whore! Magazine


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